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The Proper haircut & style followed by your eyebrow trimming or shaping. Nose hair, ear hair maintenance. Straight razor detail around the edges for a shaper look with nice hot shaving lather. Moving on to the face The 24K Celebrity Facial is our highly recommended service especially for the groom! If you have the time for extra spoiling and indulgence it’s a must. This services will last on your face for 48-72 hours. This service starts with a nice hot towel to open pores and relax your face  , a golden facial wash. The Golden facial scrub is applied it’s infused with champagne and pearls using a power exfoliating brush to unclog pores and dead skin. Next a golden serum with golden sheets on the face massaging it into the skin until it disappears. This help with fine lines young looking healthy skin. Leaving dry & oil skin looking much more healthier. Brightens up the skin and is very refreshing. After the golden facial would be the straight razor face shave. Pre shaving oil for a better glide with the razor followed by a nice coat of hot shaving lather. Your traditional straight razor shave. The golden face mask. Closing the pores with a chill towel. A face toner an after shave balm face moisturizer. Our most Premium Service.  

1.The Dapper Cut
2.The Gaston
3.The Prince Charming

3 Tier Packages

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